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Whitstable is just a few miles from the largest area of ancient woodland in the south of England - Blean woods. The woods are coppiced which means that the wood re-grows and produces a continual supply wood for posts, fencing and other uses. However, it is too expensive to be profitable because imports from Eastern Europe via Belgium are much cheaper.

There are a few people still working the Blean and by buying wood from them you are supporting not only a traditional industry in East Kent, but the local economy and a sustainable source of fuel.

Peter Forest

Forest Woodcrafts produces fencing, children's climbing frames, compost toilets and greenwood buildings all made from locally grown Chestnut.

Peter Jones

Peter Jones is the last charcoal maker in East Kent and the hardwood charcoal he makes burns hotter and longer than any cheap imports you can pick up from the petrol station or supermarket. It also comes from sustainable re-newable resources so you know you are not burning the world's forests.  Read more about Peter Jones.

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