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Special Events

Community veg beds - Edible Whitstable @ The Library


Every market day come along to Whitstable Library, 11am - 1pm,  and see how the raised beds are growing.  Join in and learn or support others to learn about food growing in a small space.

Seed Swap


In February 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 we hosted the Whitstable Community Seed Exchange, run by allotment enthusiast Cath Jones. This is a regular annual event on the second Saturday in Febuary at the regular market.

At the exchange growers can find seeds of all sorts of interesting and easy to grow vegetable plants. There is no charge for the seeds, but growers are asked to bring along their own self-saved seeds to swap, or if they have none, then a small donation is asked to cover the costs of running the Seed Exchange.

Seed Exchanges started in Canada, as "Seedy Saturday" events, where gardeners bring seeds they have saved form plants that have grown particularly well in their own locations. This way, heritage seeds are continued, despite being non-profitable for the large seed companies to supply, and varieties are selected that are suited to local conditions. It is also a good way of meeting neighbouring gardeners. See the news section for dates for 2009.

Compost awareness

Compost advisers from the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers often set up compost displays outside St. Mary's Hall on market days, helping shoppers to solve any problems with composting. Promoting composting is one of the aims for the KCC war on waste project, because food and garden waste in landfill produces methane gas, a harmful greenhouse gas. When such waste composted it is less harmful and reduces space in landfill sites, as well as wheelie bins!

Whitstable Oyster Festival

The EpiCentre event at Whitstable Harbour in 2008 had a huge number of food stalls form Kent, and hosted a small area dedicated to Whitstable Farmers' Market stalls. Despite a heat wave weekend, the event was a success, with most stalls doing well selling snacks, information, cheese, bread, olives and organic apple juice to quench the thirst.

Transition Town Whitstable

Whitstable Farmers' Market is part of Transition Town Whitstable, aiming to combat global warming and peak oil with joint action in our town. A stall with information about how to plan for an energy descent in the future was at the Oyster Festival, and is occasionally at the Farmers' Market. For information about TTW contact Jim Jackson. Film shows, talks and meetings go on throughout the year, and TTW welcomes new members to volunteer in action groups such as the Local Food Action Group, which is compiling a local food directory, seasonal chef master classes and Grown-in- Whitstable seasonal banquet. The group also needs help building and managing a triple compost bin at St. Mary's Hall town Garden, Oxford Street.